Benefits of Chiropractic Care

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Benefits of Chiropractic CareChiropractic care is an underrated and less discussed area in modern healthcare. Most people think that such care is limited to those who have back pain, but this common misconception is far from the truth! While pain and other issues of the back are certainly areas in which a chiropractor may be able to help, he or she can also help with a number of other ailments including headaches, digestive issues, and immune-related problems. The greatest thing about it is that chiropractors offer up potential solutions that are not based around medications which often come with unwanted and unpleasant side effects.

Many headaches are caused due to issues with the soft tissues in your neck (cervicogenic) and can be helped by a variety of physical techniques and therapy options that chiropractors are trained on. Tension headaches and migraines along with neck headaches are amongst the most common and can also be treated through chiropractic care. And this is great news for patients who frequently get these headaches because it offers another option at a disease that can otherwise be very inconvenient and potentially even debilitating. Chiropractic care is also a good option in this space because the medications available through more traditional care are not tremendously effective and many patients find themselves struggling to control the pain even after trying many different types and versions of medications. There are many studies that support the effectiveness of chiropractic care in reducing headache pain via spinal manipulation. The literature specifically has shown reductions in headache intensity, frequency, as well as duration.

An even less intuitive area in which chiropractic care offers patients solutions is with issues of the digestive system. The various organs associated with digestion are actually amongst the most innervated by neurons in the entire body outside of the brain. The high bundles of neurons and the many messages being sent and processed in the area are often referred to as the “digestive brain”. The digestive brain is connected to the spinal cord where nerve tissue communicates with the central nervous system. When there are issues with the spinal cord, this messaging system can have issues. This is where chiropractors can help- by fixing alignment and other issues of the spinal cord, downstream effects can include improved messaging between the central nervous system and the digestive brain. There have been published case reports that support this.

The large involvement of nerves in regulating inflammatory and other cells also makes the immune impact of the spinal cord significant. As a result, this is yet another area where a chiropractor can help with issues. And really even this can be extended to any other ailment within the body that is tied in some way to the nervous system. So while chiropractors can certainly help patients with back pain, they can often also treat or guide patients in a number of other seemingly unrelated (but usually not actually unrelated) ailments. In being able to do this, they can be a part of an effective holistic approach to healthcare.

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Chiropractors’ Role in Arthritis and Other Diseases

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Chiropractors’ Role in Arthritis and Other DiseasesChiropractors are complementary medicine professionals who specialize in issues of the joints and spinal cord. They utilize a holistic approach that looks at wellness endpoints instead of just focusing on curing sickness. In looking at the bigger picture and preventative measures, there are a number of ways that chiropractors can help patients. From helping establish healthy diet plans to planning exercise regimens to helping with skeletal alignment issues, many chiropractors can offer a wide range of services. Many insurance plans cover some or all of these procedures as a result.

One of the disease states in which chiropractors can have an especially positive impact is arthritis. Arthritis is joint pain and stiffness which can limit movement and make for a very uncomfortable time even when doing daily tasks. It happens due to inflammation of the joints and can occur in virtually any joint in the body, although the hands and feet are most common. Arthritis has the potential to cause damage beyond just the joints and can even harm soft tissues and muscles including the heart.

Although most common in the elderly, arthritis can occur at any age. There are over a hundred different types of the disease with the most common including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and septic arthritis. Each type has its own cause and the severity and patient presentation can drastically vary depending on the type and how far along the disease has progressed. There are various tests that can help establish a diagnosis, but generally physical examination with radiographic scans and potentially blood work are the standard. The primary complaint that patients come in with before diagnosis is joint pain.

Chiropractors can play an active and very important role in the management of arthritis. They can help in reducing inflammation and reducing pain via procedural intervention as well as coaching patients through best practices to minimize flare-ups in their daily lives. A key part of the chiropractic philosophy as relevant to arthritis is that people often put their bodies in suboptimal physical positions throughout the day and by reducing those occurrences, outcomes can be improved.

Many medications exist that can help with arthritis, but a chiropractor can serve as a longer-term coach and potentially help reduce the reliance on medications which can often have unwanted side effects.  Many medications also only help with the symptoms and do not affect the underlying issues that cause the disease. While chiropractors cannot cure arthritis or help with all aspects of its management, they are part of a comprehensive approach to effectively limiting the effect of the disease on one’s life.

With a focus on the spinal cord and how it affects various parts of the body, chiropractors often take a very different approach at treating arthritis and other diseases compared to other health professionals including medical doctors. Some patients find this approach more effective, especially when it comes to ailments like back pain. As patients who have suffered from diseases like arthritis for a long time know, everyone’s disease is slightly different and as a result there isn’t only one thing that works. Chiropractic solutions are one of many possibilities in treating the disease and hopefully bettering a patient’s life.

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Spinal Decompression Gives The Chiropractor A New Technique

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 Spinal Decompression Gives The Chiropractor A New TechiqueAnyone who is suffering from back pain knows that it is nowhere near a fun thing. A compressed spine in particular can yield any number of associated physical problems that are just too horrific.

A compressed spine can lead to numbness, excruciating pain, sexualch dysfunction, numbness, and other problems. This usually happens when there is too much weight on the spine causing the disks in the spinal column to compress thus not allowing the brain to send and receive the proper signals.

Normally, surgery is the only option along with sometimes weight loss. Often, putting on excess weight can cause the spine to compress and if it goes on for an extended period of time it can cause the spine to bend or bow as well as compress. Surgery however isn’t the be all and end all of treatments and spinal decompression from a qualified chiropractor just might be the solution.

The process should only be done by a professional. You’ll need to do your due diligence and read up on the process so you’ll be better prepared for what you’ll need to have done. It doesn’t require drugs or surgery and the chiropractor will walk you through the entire procedure in coordination with your regular doctor. It’s about educating yourself about the procedure as well as knowing what to expect. If you’re a good candidate for the procedure then it’s best to follow the instructions and guidance all the way through.

The mainstream medical industry is starting to see the value of spinal decompression. It’s due to the statistics of both further clinical studies of both the top medical institutions as well as top chiropractors. The patients’ success stories add up too. This amount of growing data that shows the advantages of spinal decompression is making heads turn.

Word of mouth goes along with this too as patients tell their friends and family about the procedure. They ask their chiropractors and doctors about it as well as study up on the process. This growing interest will certainly usher in the spinal decompression age. This is why, if one is suffering from back pain and the diagnosis is spinal decompression, you’ll have an option other than the standard that might not help you, or if you’re concerned about surgery and medication.
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Weight Loss: The Truth about Protein

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Weight Loss: The Truth about ProteinAs a chiropractic practitioner you need to be aware of what can actually put you in a position to better your life. This means losing weight and getting into a reasonable diet of course, but this isn’t exactly information that you would want to hear from a chiropractor. You might not know this, but chiropractic workers are well versed in just about every single medical field you could think of. They may specialize in backs and joints, but that doesn’t mean they won’t have useful information regarding weight loss for you. Protein is going to be a cornerstone of every single muscle-building diet out there, and the ultimate goal in the physique world is to get as much muscle as you possibly can. Weight loss is a very shady topic, tons of people just focus on trying to turn a profit instead of actually helping people with their problems.

General Tips

These generalized tips should get you in the perfect frame of mind when it comes to losing weight, because the mind frame that you’re currently in is going to play an important role no matter what. Don’t fall into the trend of buying supplements and new diet programs, this is just a way to suck you dry of your money and make sure that the company selling that junk is still in business. You can easily look up anything they’ll try and sell you on the internet for yourself, you just need to be ready and willing when it comes to the search. If you want to lose weight there needs to be something called a caloric deficit, which is essentially taking in a lesser amount of calories than your body can burn in a day.

That’s why working out is a necessary evil when looking to lose weight, because it burns a lot more calories than just sitting around all day.

Why Protein?

As a chiropractor weight loss is going to help you take pressure off of your joints and back, but you can’t forget about protein. Protein will ensure that the muscle you’re breaking down while working out will build back up stronger than it ever was, which is how most people who go to the gym train. They make use of protein powders in order to see optimal results in a quicker amount of time, and who wouldn’t want that!?

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Why You Should See Your Chiropractor Over the Holidays

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Why You Should See Your Chiropractor Over the HolidaysSome of us are constantly worried about or health and our bodies, and that’s completely normal. It’s one thing to be worried about the little things, but considering your body is what you’ll be spending your entire life inside of you should be keeping track of its ups and downs. Back pain can turn Christmas into a nightmare, you’ll be lifting heavy presents into the back of your car and then hauling off 20 gift bags in each hand for the rest of your extended family. It’s the season of joy and giving, but it’s also the season of back pains and muscular problems. The older we get the weaker our bones becomes, as well as our muscle systems and such. It’s kind of a bummer, but that’s just how life works and we’ve got to get used to it!

Your chiropractor isn’t just good for the whole “crack my back and make me feel amazing” routine, they can actually help you cope with many other things like stress or even joint pain if that’s something you’ve been suffering from. We’re going to go through a small list of symptoms that would enable you to head to the chiropractors over the holidays, and you’ll be surprised as to how common they can be. Chiropractic care is the real deal!


Stress is always going to come hand in hand with the Christmas season, buying gifts that everybody will love can be a bit overwhelming (especially if it’s taking a toll on your life financially). Stress can actually attribute to you throwing your back out as well, which is essentially lifting something so heavy that your back just gives up. Stress can also have you dealing with headaches and many other types of pain prominent in your head, jaw and even your neck. Stress is easily fixed through mental training and trying to put yourself first before others, but seeing as its Christmas you might just be better off seeing a qualified chiropractor.


When you have to travel for work you’re not going to be in the comfort of your own home, and sometimes that can have you cramped up. You’ll sit on a plane for 12 hours and then take a 2 hour cab ride from the airport to your hotel room, after that you get to go back inside of a cab to get to your conference; at that point your back is on fire and you’re more stressed out than you ever thought possible! Extensive travelling is quite common around the holidays, and that means carrying heavy luggage bags and toting around vein heavier presents for your family.

Flu Season

Seeing as it’s technically flu season that’s just another reason as to why you should be getting “adjusted” (through your chiropractor) on a consistent basis. It will allow for your immune system to strengthen itself over time and thus allow you to combat the flu and colds much more efficiently! That’s ideal for the holidays after all, so it’s a rather great idea.

Getting Better Sleep: Ask Your Chiropractor!

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Getting Better Sleep: Ask Your Chiropractor!Chiropractors are always going to be reliable sources when it comes to the treatment of your aches and pains, and when those ailments have a very large part to play in your insomnia (which is the inability to fall asleep with ease) you’re going to be searching high and low for answers. If you’ve never had to struggle when it comes to going to sleep at night than you don’t even know how terrible it is, the sleep you get is going to determine your energy levels for the next day and that’s why it’s so crucial. The long days at work are going to take a toll on you sooner or later, and if you’ve been dealing with certain aches while you lay down (or even sit at your office desk) there’s going to be a dire need for relief.

Head over to your chiropractor and see what they have to say on the matter, odds are they’re going to understand what you need in order to treat your problems (And usually only a chiropractor can tell you what you’re in need of). There are certain products that can also make sleeping way easier, things like mattress toppers and specific brands of mattresses are going to make sleeping much easier, even if you suffer from tons of different aches and pains. There are even specific versions of pillows and such that your chiropractor can recommend to you, which will actually make a difference whether you’re aware of it or not! It’s all about keeping yourself prepared, and taking a trip to the chiropractor is the easiest way to go about doing so.

Back pain is one of the more popular causes of sleeplessness in people all over the world, and that’s why treating it properly should be a top priority to most people. Your back does a lot for you throughout your life, and the moment it gives out or becomes injured you’re going to be a changed person. Take care of yourself and you’ll see that it translates into other branches of life, and if you can feel good about sleeping you’ll feel good about everything else. Contact your physician today and see if there’s anything they can do for you when it comes to getting a better sleep, especially if the problem happens to be interfering with your work schedule (or anything along the lines of that).

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Treating Stress Through Alternative Means (and a Chiropractor!)

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Treating Stress Through Alternative MeansAs we grow older we seem to lose our child within, which is actually a bad thing when you look at it in the proper light. Toddlers are said to be the giggly type, as the average number of times a toddler laughs per day is 400! That’s astounding when you compare it alongside the average number of time an adult laughs per day, which is a measly 15. When we get older it seems like we have way too many problems to deal with, when we’re young we always believe that the world is about peace and love. Little did we know that we would be working to make a living, as well as dealing with the problems that people deal with every single day (that is if they aren’t children). Stress can really play a big part in how happy you’ll be living your life, and whenever there’s a chance to relieve yourself of said ailment you should be taking.

Stress can mean a lot to some people, it can make you feel terrible physically and it can just drain you emotionally as well. Stress is one thing that just about every single human has to deal with, there are going to be certain situations in your life that you aren’t going to be completely happy with. The right chiropractor actually has the ability to completely relieve of any stress that you’re feeling, that is if it’s within reason of course. Sometimes stress being built up in your body can be due to tense muscles and things like that, which is why a chiropractor can help you so much. Stress itself is actually a chemical, and according to the balance of your body (when it comes to your spine and such) some people are going to produce more than others.

This stress can result in many different things, but usually results in aches and pains regarding your shoulder, neck, back or any other portion of your body that is typically at risk when it comes to aching pains. The right chiropractor is going to make a large difference when it comes to dealing with your stress levels, so try it out for yourself and see what kind of results you’ll come out with. Tons of others are doing, so it must mean that it’s working in one way or another.

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Leg Pains Related To the Back May Be Treatable Through Chiropractic Care

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Leg Pains Related To the Back May Be Treatable Through Chiropractic CareYour chiropractor usually knows what’s best for you, it’s their job to do exactly that and if it means figuring out what’s wrong with your joints (as well as what’s inducing pain) than so be it. We’ve all had an ache or two in our bodies at some point throughout our long lives, it’s something that’s quite common and people just get used to it over time. One thing you shouldn’t have to deal with is leg pain, and sometimes the leg pain can be so intense that patients actually can’t walk without some sort of walking aid at their disposal. Chiropractors are always looking to help their patients in every single way that they can, which is probably why those whom are suffering from leg pain (related to their backs) are visiting their respective physician. Spinal adjustment throughout is looked at as being something that’s new and quite strange, but it’s what needs to happen when you’re looking to treat your leg pains accordingly.

Chiropractors are always going to look towards doing something positive for their patient, they never have any negative intentions and that’s exactly the way it should be. Spinal adjustment throughout might sound strange and scary at first, but it’s truly something that’s innovative and it’s been helping tons of different people with their leg pains. The reason we know this works is because there were actually trials being held that state exactly that, one group of patients was given the spinal adjustment throughout treatment while others weren’t.

The patients were also instructed to keep doing a series of exercises at their homes, because these were to be used in order to promote the healthiness of the tissue. It’s all about being healthy, and when you’ve got a sharp pain in your legs that you can’t quite put your finger on you should visit your chiropractor. Most of the people who received the spinal adjustment throughout (37% of the patients) stated that a year late after the treatment their pain was gone, which is a pretty hefty number to take into account. The more people we can cure the better, but you’ve got to start somewhere and 37% seems like we’re on the right track to me. There’s only so much pain medications and things like that can do for your aches, it’s time to tackle that pain for good.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Thursday Night

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Breast Cancer Awareness Thursday Night
Join us this Thursday night (October 2nd) for an evening of pampering just for the ladies benefiting Breast Cancer Awareness! Leave the boys at home! Come spend a lovely evening of fun, shopping and relaxation with massage, food, wine and vendors geared towards pampering women! Like our awesome Breast Cancer Awareness shirts?! Want to have one of your very own?? Come and see us in the clinic between 6-8 pm during the event, and receive one for free!!


Fixing Your Pain Without Using Drugs

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Fixing Your Pain Without Using DrugsPain relief is something that we all struggle with, when there are nagging aches and pains in our body it’s just like your arms and legs can’t co-operate with your brain! Severe back pain has the ability to cripple people in the most severe cases, but even if you aren’t at risk as a severely affect patient there are still signs to look out for. Back pain and any other joint or muscle pain you have to deal with is more than likely going to be combated by the use of pills and medicine, doctors have a protocol they need to uphold and referring you to some sort of naturalistic healer would just be silly in their eyes. For every ailment there’s going to multiple ways to go about removing them from your life, and pain (no matter where it happens to be sitting) is one of these ailments.

Seeing a chiropractor might lift the burden that you’ve been carrying for quite some time off of your shoulders, because believe it or not a lot of problems related to joint and muscle pain can be conquered through the use of a great chiropractor (that kind of sounds like we’re referring to chiropractors as objects, but I can assure you that they’re people just like you and I). Dr. Polley has developed a technique that would allow professional athletes to manage their pain more efficiently. Not only would basketball players and soccer stars be able to make use of the treatment, but even the NASCAR drivers would see a benefit from working with the treatment as well.

Dr. Chad Polley is one of the more successful names you’ll come across when looking into working with the right doctor for pain management, and he actually has plenty of experience dealing with sportsmen who have to deal with pain. It’s all about balance when you’re trying to manage your pain, but obviously there will be methods out there that seem to work much better than others. Once you’ve found the perfect method for yourself, stick with it. The last thing you want to do is deal with that pain again, so if Dr. Polley suggest a trip to the chiropractor is really going to have an impact, so be it.
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